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  Organbuilder § Facteur d'orgues

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This organ results from an inspired collaboration between Houghton Church and Houghton College, seizing an opportunity to meet their complimentary needs. We are extremely proud to have been chosen to build in these exceptional circumstances. We organbuilders can hardly hope for a greater satisfaction than to see our instrument serve both for the praise of God and for the instruction of young organists. Clearly we had to design the organ to serve a wide and varied repertoire, cutting across many historical periods and national styles. While the roots of this organ are ancient, it represents a synthesis that belongs, without apology, to the here and now.

Many people helped bring this project to fruition, but we are especially grateful to Pastor Wes Oden and to Dr. Judy Congdon, professor of organ at Houghton College. We also salute and thank the many members of the Houghton congregation, likewise the organ students, who worked with us on site to complete the instrument. Their dedication to the organ's sacred purpose stands as a witness to the marriage of faith and art, for our time and for generations to come.


Grand-orgue, Manual I

   Bourdon                      16'
   Montre                          8'
   Flûte à cheminée            8'
   Prestant                         4'
   Flûte à bec                    4'
   Quinte                     2 2/3'
   Doublette                      2'
   Cornet                          III
   Fourniture                V-VI
   Trompette                     8'

Récit, Manual II

   Bourdon                        8'
   Viole de gambe             8'
   Voix celeste                   8'
   Prestant                         4'
   Flûte à cheminée            4'
   Nasard                    2 2/3'
   Cor de chamois             2'
   Tierce                      1 3/5'
   Plein-jeu                       V
   Basson                        16'
   Cromorne                     8'
   Tremblant (both manuals)


   Soubasse                   16'
   Principal                      8'
   Bourdon                      8'
   Octave                        4'
   Cor de nuit                  2'
   Trombone                  16'
   Trompette allemande    8'
   Trompette française      8'  (from G.O.)
   Chalumeau                 4'  (prepared)
   Tirasse G.O.
   Tirasse Récit

  Anti-secousses (Winkers)

Mechanical key-action (suspended)

Electric stop action, with capture combination system by Solid State Organ Systems: 10 general pistons, 5 divisional pistons on each, reversibles for couplers and tutti; 100 memory levels.

1/6 of a Pythagorean comma circulating temperament.